Trump Paris jibe: Mayor uses Mickey Mouse to quarrel back

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Paris’s mayor has strike behind during US President Donald Trump’s disastrous remarks about a city, regulating Walt Disney characters.

Anne Hidalgo tweeted a design of herself with Mickey and Minnie Mouse celebrating a city’s “dynamism and idea of openness”.

French President Francois Hollande pronounced such criticisms were “never good”.

At a debate to regressive activists, Mr Trump cited a crony who no longer wanted to take his family to Paris.

He also criticised Europe’s doing of terrorism, observant that Americans could not let new attacks occur in a US.

More than 230 people have died in a array of attacks in France given a commencement of 2015, including in Jan and Nov of that year in Paris and in Nice in Jul final year.

The nation has been underneath a state of puncture for some-more than a year.

What did Mr Trump say?

Speaking during a Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, he sought to clear his crackdown on immigration by criticising a outcome it had had on some European countries.

Media captionFive things we schooled about President Trump from his residence to regressive activists.

He singled out Paris, mentioning a crony called “Jim” who used to be a unchanging caller to a city though had stopped going in new years given “Paris is no longer Paris”.

“Take a demeanour during what’s function to a world, folks, and we have to be smart… We can’t let that occur to us.” Mr Trump went on.

Trump says apprehension attacks ‘under-reported': Is that true?

Are things as bad as Trump says?

What was a French response?

Ms Hidalgo stressed a inclusivity and appetite of Paris, tweeting a design of her rising a tourism debate during a Eiffel Tower.

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The remarks came as France distinguished a 25th anniversary of a thesis park Disneyland Paris.

The Paris mayor also challenged a idea that traveller numbers from a US were in decline, observant reservations were adult 30% in 2017.

Mr Hollande, meanwhile, pronounced Mr Trump’s remarks were no approach to act towards an ally.

“It is never good to uncover a smallest distrust towards a accessible country,” he said.

“That is not what we would do towards a accessible nation and we would ask a American boss not to do it to France.”

In a anxiety to France’s tighter gun control laws, Mr Hollande said: “There are no weapons present here. There are no people who take weapons to fire into a throng simply for a compensation of causing play and tragedy.”

So are tourists unequivocally deserting a City of Lights?

According to total published by a Paris Office of Tourism (in French), 7,356,945 unfamiliar tourists arrived during hotels in a city of Paris between Jan and Nov 2016, 11.9% fewer than in a same duration a prior year.

Among American tourists a decrease was usually slighter smaller – there were 1,387,191 hotel arrivals, down 9.9%.

In a same duration there was a slight arise in a series of tourists from other tools of France, of 0.3% to roughly 6 million.

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France has been underneath a state of puncture given a Nov 2015 attacks

The 2015 total mostly cover a duration before a 13 Nov Paris attacks that repelled a nation and left 130 people passed and hundreds wounded.

No total were given for tourists staying in non-hotel accommodation such as Airbnb.

How does it review with New York?

According to a New York mayor’s office, a city welcomed 60.3 million visitors in 2016, adult by 1.8 million on 2015.

This was a “seventh uninterrupted year of transport and tourism expansion for a city”, a matter said.

Of these, 47.6 million came from within a US and 12.65 million from abroad. Both total were all-time highs, a mayor’s bureau added.