Trump Is Losing CEOs Left & Right! See Under Armour Founder’s Statement On Leaving The Manufacturing Council!

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Donald Trump finally went too apart — by not going apart enough.

When a “President” failed to castigate white supremacists for twin whole days (he still hasn’t called a vehicular dispute an act of terrorism), he now has less support than ever before.

Video: Trump Gets Called Out For Spreading Fake News After Childishly Bashing Reporter!

Besides Ken Frazier, who already got a swill from Trump, another CEO has stepped down from Drumpf’s American Manufacturing Council — Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank.

He explained his welfare on Twitter Monday, mindful he was stealing behind to sports — that encourage “unity, diversity, and inclusion”:

This is a vast pierce concern usually 6 months ago he was fully Team Trump — something people like Under Armour orator Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson were not happy with.

Countdown to Trump mindful something awful about him and his “failing” company, given that’s a damn president…

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