Trump calls for anathema on Muslims entering a US

Trump, GOP Candidates Sharply Criticize Obama Address

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Monday called for a “total and finish shutdown of Muslims entering a United States,” a many thespian response nonetheless to a fibre of militant attacks that have Americans increasingly on edge.

Trump expelled a matter citing polling information he says shows “there is good loathing towards Americans by vast segments of a Muslim population.”

Reactions from pivotal domestic figures:

“Until we are means to establish and know this problem and a dangerous hazard it poses, a republic can't be a victims of horrible attacks by people that trust usually in Jihad, and have no clarity of reason or honour for tellurian life,” Trump said.

Trump’s proclamation comes a day after President Barack Obama addressed a nation, job on Americans “to reject eremite tests on who we acknowledge into this country.”

A series of Republican presidential hopefuls, including Trump, have called on Obama to stop usurpation Syrian refugees into a U.S. after final month’s lethal attacks in Paris.

Trump, however, is a initial to advise finale Muslim immigration as a whole following a militant conflict in San Bernardino, California, that killed 14 people.

Democrat Martin O’Malley was a initial of Trump’s 2016 rivals to respond to a unusual proposal, tweeting:

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