Trolli Releases Sour Gummy Sloths; Let a Sugar Coma Commence

Get prepared for a sugarine coma: Trolli is collaborating with 7-Eleven to recover Sour Brite Sloth gummies (that hang together like monkeys!) and a new Trolli-inspired Slurpee: Pineapple Lime. These dual equipment will be accessible nationwide, now until Apr 30. The gummies come in a following season combos: Pineapple Lime, Strawberry Grape, and Blue Raspberry Berry Punch. Yes! An whole bag of good flavors! Be certain to span a gummies with a Trolli Slurpee and don’t forget to collect adult a Weirdly Awesome Trolli Slurpee straw. Although it’s not pictured, we’re anticipating it’s of a languor face. Kristen Bell is all of us; we’re strictly in sloth meltdown mode right now.