Tristan Thompson’s Cheating Scandal ‘Still Gets To’ Khloé Kardashian!

Things aren’t looking good for True Thompson‘s parents…

As we reported, on Sunday’s episode, KUWTK finally aired Khloé Kardashian‘s greeting to Tristan Thompson‘s intrigue scandal.

According to a People news published on Wednesday, a Revenge Body horde is still struggling to pardon her partner’s purported infidelity.

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An insider remarked:

“Dealing with Tristan’s intrigue has been really formidable for Khloé. When they have had good moments, she forgets about how harm she got, yet afterwards when she gets reminded, she still gets upset.”

Drama aside, a 34-year-old starlet’s categorical concentration is her daughter’s wellbeing.

“On a outside, she acts all tough, yet it still gets to her. But what it comes down to is that Khloé wants True to grow adult in a family with both parents… She wants True to spend as most time with her father as possible. She believes that True needs a mom and father in her life.”

Ultimately, KoKo wants people to mind their possess business when it comes to her relationship.

“Khloé hates when people have opinions about her attribute with Tristan. She feels that she doesn’t need to explain to people because she creates certain decisions… It’s apparent there are issues, though. She doesn’t conclude her attribute with Tristan — she usually talks about him as True’s dad.”

According to an US Weekly news published on Tuesday, a basketball actor refused to watch Sunday’s part as “he is focused on basketball” and didn’t wish “further distractions.”

[Image around Khloé Kardashian/Instagram.]