Trèbes attack: Paris rite for favourite policeman Arnaud Beltrame

Media captionPresident Emmanuel Macron pronounced Col Beltrame “fell as a hero”

Tributes have been paid opposite France to a troops officer who died after he charity himself in sell for a warrant in an Islamist attack.

The coffin carrying Lt Col Arnaud Beltrame was driven in complicated sleet by Paris, where hundreds of people assimilated a inhabitant commemorative service.

President Emmanuel Macron pronounced a officer, who was 44, symbolised a “French suggestion of resistance”.

Three other people were also killed in Friday’s attacks in southern France.

Col Beltrame’s widow and his friends, family and colleagues attended a rite during Les Invalides in a French capital.

“To be peaceful to die so that trusting people continue to live, this is a heart of a soldier’s promise,” Mr Macron pronounced in his acknowledgment as a coffin draped in a French dwindle laid in a cobbled courtyard.

“To be prepared to give your possess life since zero is some-more critical than a life of a citizen, this is a ultimate outcome of a transcendence he bore.”

In a service, also attended by several former French presidents, Mr Macron awarded a officer France’s top accolade, a Legion d’Honneur.

Earlier, a minute’s overpower was celebrated during all troops stations opposite France, and flags were lowered to half-mast on open buildings.

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Col Beltrame was awarded France’s top accolade, a Legion d’Honneur

The officer was a rarely regarded member of a Gendarmerie Nationale, and friends and kin have remembered his clarity of avocation and generosity.

His hermit Cedric told a French radio hire on Saturday: “He gave his life for strangers. He contingency have famous that he didn’t unequivocally have a chance. If that doesn’t make him a hero, we don’t know what would.”

Col Beltrame’s coffin will now transport behind to a southern city of Carcassone for his funeral.

A new French hero

By Hugh Schofield, BBC News, Paris

With full honour guard, Arnaud Beltrame’s coffin was brought from a Pantheon – a monolith for French heroes – by a Latin Quarter and along a quays of a Seine to a Invalides troops museum.

Small crowds collected along a way, though a continue was tainted and many people were examination a rite on live television. It was a republic entrance together to salute a ultimate beau geste, a eminent gesticulate of a heat who, by charity himself as a militant warrant final Friday, gave his possess life to save another’s.

Delivering a eulogy, President Macron pronounced while a name of a assailant would penetrate into oblivion, Arnaud Beltrame’s name would be remembered for ever.

He had assimilated a ranks of a country’s heroes.

Mr Macron also urged France to be observant in a face of an “insidious” hazard by Islamist militants – in a final 3 years, some-more than 240 people have been killed in attacks opposite France.

“What we’re fighting is surreptitious Islamic fundamentalism, that spreads by amicable media, that does a work out of sight, that preys on diseased and inconstant minds, and that on a dirt corrupts and indoctrinates on a daily basis,” he said.

Col Beltrame’s actions helped move an finish to a encircle in a supermarket in Trèbes by 25-year-old Redouane Lakdim, who had progressing killed a chairman in Carcassonne.

The gunman – who had claimed to be a believer of a Islamic State organisation – had been on an nonconformist watch list and was famous to authorities as a sparse criminal, though comprehension services had dynamic he did not poise a threat.

Sixteen people were injured, dual seriously, in what was a misfortune jihadist conflict underneath Mr Macron’s presidency. The gunman was shot passed by police.

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French officials hold a minute’s overpower during a interior ministry

Lakdim was pronounced to have demanded a recover of Salah Abdeslam, a many critical flourishing think in a 13 Nov 2015 attacks in Paris, that killed 130 people.

The attacker’s girlfriend, who has not been named, is reportedly a modify to Islam who has been famous to confidence services for during slightest a year.

On Tuesday, she was placed underneath grave review indicted of “associating with terrorists scheming attacks” and stays in troops custody.

One other person, a 17-year-old crony of a gunman, was expelled on Monday after being questioned.