Travis Scott Celebrates Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy News By… Partying With Scott Disick?! Here We Go…

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Gotta adore how this one is starting out…

As we reported yesterday, Kylie Jenner is profound with boyfriend Travis Scott‘s baby — but while Kylie is laying low and is reportedly ‘thrilled’ about a pregnancy, Travis is celebrating in his own, um, singular way!

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Last night during a LIV nightclub in Miami, Travis Scott went and did his thing along with some really open support from Scott Disick!!

Yes, we review that right: Travis and The Lord partied late into a night together in Miami while Kylie hung behind during home, profound and calm!!

We’ll give Travis a advantage of a doubt here — who doesn’t wish to applaud a small bit when they find out they’re carrying a kid?! Totally understandable!! — though to couple adult with Scott Disick so discerning deliberation The Lord’s long-standing miss of, um, actually being a father????

Maybe not a best start to this whole pregnancy thing.

Guess we’ll see!!!

At slightest it’s more prolific than mindlessly trolling Kylie, right?!

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