Too most of good cholesterol bad for your health: Study

The levels of both good and bad cholesterol should be confirmed instead of them being aloft or lower. (Source: File Photo)

While high levels of good cholesterol have prolonged famous to be beneficial, a additional can also lift your risk of death, researchers claim. Cholesterol is a greasy piece famous as a lipid and is critical for a normal functioning of a body. However, a commentary showed that people with intensely high levels of good cholesterol have a aloft mankind rate than people with normal levels.

For organisation with intensely high levels, a mankind rate was 106 per cent aloft than a normal group, while for women it was found to be 68 per cent higher.

“These formula radically change a approach we know ‘good’ cholesterol. Doctors have been used to congratulating patients who had a really high turn of HDL in their blood. But we should no longer do so, as this investigate shows a dramatically aloft mankind rate,” pronounced Borge Nordestgaard, Professor during a University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

For a study, a group analysed information of 116,000 people. They were followed for an normal of 6 years and a outcome showed over 10,500 deaths. On a other hand, people with intensely low levels of HDL in a blood were also during increasing risk of mortality, a researchers said.

The people with middle levels of HDL in a blood had a lowest mortality. For men, this turn was 1.9 mmol/L. For women, it was 2.4 mmol/L. “It appears that we need to mislay a concentration from HDL as an critical health indicator in investigate during hospitals and during a ubiquitous practitioner,” Nordestgaard said.

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