Tommy Lee Is Really Gonna Go Through With This Battery Case Against His Son, Isn’t He?

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Gotta say… we really didn’t design this small family event to get quite this distant in a authorised system.

It appears that Tommy Lee has reached a indicate of no lapse in prosecuting his son Brandon Lee for battery, as a box that we’ve been stating on a final integrate weeks has now strictly been incited over to a District Attorney’s bureau for charges.

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According to law coercion sources vocalization to TMZ, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is on the verge of jacket adult a review into a allegations where Brandon apparently punched his father during an argument.

Brandon has been mild by a investigation, apparently.

And once a policeman is prepared to send a whole box to a D.A. … well, that’s when Tommy can’t backtrack and confirm not to press charges on his son. It’ll be too late.

Of course, Tommy has even left and gotten a confining sequence opposite his son, so maybe he’s still only entirely dead-set on carrying a charges go through.

Plain to see there are a lot of issues with this family, though who knew it would ever come to this…


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