Tom Sizemore Dropped From Horror Movie Project Amid His Sexual Misconduct Scandal

tom sizemore forsaken from fear movie

The ousting has begun…

Not prolonged after Tom Sizemore‘s passionate bungle liaison strike a press, a attention oldster was forsaken from an arriving horror-thriller project, patrician The Door.

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As we formerly reported, in a discouraging display by The Hollywood Reporter, it was suggested that Sizemore was private from a film set in 2003 for allegedly molesting an 11-year-old girl. In response to a allegation, a producers suspicion it best to mislay Tom from a arriving fear movie.

The Global Genesis Group common around a spokesperson:

“The producers take these allegations really severely and are deliberating subsequent stairs now.”


It’s pronounced The Door tells a story of a married integrate who pierce into a home where, in a late ’50s, a alloy and his immature son were killed in a terrible fire. According to a 55-year-old’s IMDB page, Tom was slated to play a impression Scott.

Sizemore is substantially best famous for his tools in Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down. He was recently featured in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks revival.

Perhaps Christopher Plummer is meddlesome in holding over this role?? We mean, he is already holding over Kevin Spacey‘s partial in All The Money In The World.

Just a suggestion

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