Tom Perez Elected Chair Of The Democratic National Committee — First Latino To Serve As Chairman

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Good or bad, this will infer to be a big understanding for a Democrats relocating brazen as they quarrel Donald Trump‘s agenda!

On Saturday afternoon in Atlanta, Tom Perez — a former Labor Secretary underneath Barack Obama — was inaugurated to offer as a chairperson of a Democratic National Committee.

Narrowly defeating Rep. Keith Ellison in a tough opinion during a DNC’s celebration meeting, Perez is now a initial Latino chairperson of a committee!

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Speaking to a organisation in a sepulchral voice after a final opinion — that Perez won by a total of 235 to 200 over Ellison — Perez said:

“With tough work and a ruin of a lot of organizing, we will spin this celebration around.”

Ain’t that a truth.

Ellison was really renouned with many Bernie Sanders supporters, and still takes a lot of support from younger, some-more left-leaning Democrats — and since of that, it’s been rather tough for a celebration to combine behind an bulletin in a age of Trump.

But now, well, a Democrats have their man.

(By a way, in Perez’s initial act as DNC chair, he named Ellison his emissary chairperson — so there’s a initial spirit of both wings of a Democratic Party indeed starting to work together.)

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What do U consider of a DNC’s new chairperson, Perezcious readers??

Can a Democrats take behind seats in 2018 — and even take a White House from Trump in 2020 — with Perez during a helm??

Let us know in a comments (below)!!!

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