Tom Hiddleston Still Embarrassed About Taylor Swift: Ignores Fans and Media during Comic-Con

For a past several years, actor Tom Hiddleston has been a fan favorite during a San Diego Comic-Con. But this year, fans of a actor were left unfortunate when he chose to omit them and a media while he and a expel of a arriving superhero film, “Thor: Ragnarok” were during Comic-Con to foster their film, that will strike theaters after this year. Tom Hiddleston’s description of villan, Loki in a comic book superhero movie, “Thor” has garnered him legions of fans, mostly womanlike who adore his bad child description of a character.

Although Tom Hiddleston did participate in a row with a other actors to answer questions about their arriving film, he chose to skip a a event to take photos with fans or pointer autographs. This has left his fans feeling unfortunate since some fans indeed trafficked thousands of miles for a possibility to see Tom and get a design with him.

This is a outrageous depart from years past, when Tom Hiddleston done it a indicate to see as many fans as possible. In 2013, while compelling “Thor: The Dark World”, Tom astounded and gay fans by entrance to a gathering dressed in his full Loki costume. But this year he all though abandoned his fans and customarily quickly seemed on a row with a other actors and executive of a movie, and left a gathering as shortly as a row was over.

Audience members also remarked that a customarily desirable actor didn’t seem too vehement to be during Comic-Con, with some of Tom’s possess fans commenting that the actor seemed to demeanour unfortunate or unhappy. And it wasn’t usually his fans that Tom ignored, he also chose to not pronounce to a media while during a convention. Besides a few questions from fans and a media during a row discussion, Tom refused to be interviewed by journalists.

Many trust Tom is still broke by his whirlwind intrigue with cocktail star Taylor Swift. Tom and Taylor Swift antiquated final summer and were heavily criticized for their open displays of affection, including Tom’s preference to wear a tank tip dogmatic his adore for a cocktail star.

Of course, Tom and Taylor Swift’s intrigue customarily lasted a few months, though it has been reported that his brief intrigue with a thespian has harm his Hollywood career, and might have even cost him a event to take over a purpose of James Bond. For a past few months, Tom has kept a low form with fans and a media, no doubt in hopes of avoiding questions about his past attribute with Taylor Swift.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney