Tom Hanks Has Officially Started Work On Toy Story 4 — See His Announcement Video HERE!

tom hanks woody fondle story 4 voice over returning

We can’t wait!

Disney and Pixar‘s Finding Dory is usually a few months away and we’re flattering vehement — though we competence be even MORE stoked for Toy Story 4.

Sure it’s over 2 years from releasing, though we have good reason to be a bit fervent as Tom Hanks — who voices Woody in a charcterised hits — only announced that he’s started work on a arriving sequel!

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The Oscar leader recently mentioned a Dec recording event on The Graham Norton Show, and he wasn’t lying.

Hanks took to Twitter on Wednesday to share:

Sure, there’s no sound and we hardly get a glance of Hanks, though we’re already silly with fad meaningful we’re that many closer to another Toy Story adventure — that sadly doesn’t open until Jun 15, 2018!

With so many Pixar films finally being revisited…

What Pixar supplement are we many vehement for?

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[Image around Disney/Ralf Succo/WENN.]

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