Tom Cruise Reportedly Injured During Stunt Work While Filming For Mission: Impossible 6

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It appears that Tom Cruise was spoiled during try work while filming for Mission: Impossible 6 this week.

According to video from London achieved by TMZ, Cruise was doing his possess stunts jumping from building to building when, during one point, he jumped to a pitch and fell short.

The video appears to expose Cruise conflict a building hard, and thereafter limping divided pleasantly after stealing behind on his feet.

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The limit of his injuries are dubious during this time.

Fortunately, it’s being reported that he was means to return, where he finally jumped to his bizarre pitch and apparently finished filming a scene.

Here he is, origination a detonate in another imitation taken on a theatre while they were filming (below):

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The 55-year-old actor is good famous for doing definitely a few of his possess stunts, including some critical moments in his past involving graceful horrifying situations.

Hopefully all is OK this time around!

Stunt work is not for a murky of heart…

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