Tom Brady’s Stolen Super Bowl Jerseys Found in Possession of International Media Member

The FBI continues to investigate.

Two Tom Brady jerseys swiped from a New England Patriots locker room following past Super Bowl victories have been recovered, a NFL announced Monday morning. 

The FBI, joining confidence and other authorities had primarily been questioning a burglary of Brady’s jersey from this year’s Super Bowl, in that a Patriots kick a Atlanta Falcons. Through their efforts, another one of Brady’s stolen jerseys from an additional Super Bowl feat was located. 

Both equipment were allegedly in a possession of an general media member, a NFL pronounced in a statement. 

“Through a team-work of a NFL and New England Patriots’ confidence teams, a FBI and other law coercion authorities, a Super Bowl LI jersey ragged final month by MVP Tom Brady has been recovered,” a NFL pronounced in a statement. “Also retrieved during a ongoing review was a jersey Brady wore in a Patriots’ feat in Super Bowl XLIX opposite a Seattle Seahawks in 2015.” 

According to ESPN, a jerseys were found in Mexico and simply valued in a six-figure range.

“Due to a ongoing investigation, we would impute any additional questions to a FBI,” according to a NFL.