Tom Brady Says He Didn’t Endorse Donald Trump — Calls It An ‘Off-Handed Comment!’

He says some things only get taken out of context.

People FREAKED out progressing this month when it sounded like Tom Brady was endorsing Donald Trump‘s presidential discuss during a locker room interview.

At a time, a contributor saw that a New England Patriots quarterback had a shawl with a Republican’s name on it, and proceeded to ask if a he thinks Donald has a shot during winning.

Tom responded by saying:

“I wish so. It would be great. There’d be a putting immature on a White House lawn, I’m certain of that!”

And only like that, all of a 38-year-old’s internet haters exclaimed that a sports star had permitted a argumentative candidate.

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They felt that should be adequate to reject him, deliberation Deflategate hadn’t worked out a approach they hoped.

But on Monday, a famous footballer pennyless his overpower about a acknowledgement on WEEI‘s Dennis Callahan Show, observant a whole thing was blown approach out of proportion:

“It’s only a opposite universe than when we started in veteran football. Even an off-handed criticism like that, like we said, that people might run with. And we know since people do run with it since we get a clicks and that form of stuff. It’s only people doing their job. A criticism like that, we try to have fun with certain things, we know, though some things a lot of times get taken out of context.”

You know what? That indeed creates a lot of sense! When he mentioned a putting immature on a White House lawn, that did seem like a joke!

The contestant explained that he has a certain personal attribute with a businessman, though also beheld that his remarks seem to be entertainment a lot of courtesy within a media:

“He’s been a fun man that I’ve had a lot of time around. The fact that he’s using has apparently led to a lot of stories and debates and ratings were outrageous for all those Republican debates and so forth. One approach or another, it’s so distant divided from when a choosing will be.”

But when that choosing finally rolls around, who will Tom behind on his ballot?

“Whatever we opinion is going to be my possess personal choice formed on how we feel. we don’t even know what a issues are. we haven’t paid courtesy to politics in a prolonged time. It’s indeed not something that we unequivocally even enjoy. It’s approach off my radar.”

We can’t unequivocally censure him for not following a all a discuss drama, deliberation his group is on utterly a hurl right now he’s flattering focused on progressing that undefeated status!

[Image around Rob Rich/TNYF/WENN.]

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