Toilet Ek Prem Katha strain Latth Maar: Akshay Kumar’s new strain redefines couple’s spat. Watch video

Toilet Ek Prem Katha strain Latth Maar:

So distant we have seen Keshav aka Akshay Kumar and Jaya aka Bhumi Pednekar descending in love, enjoying that comfortable feeling and a pang and pain that come along with being in adore by a songs that had expelled previously. Now, it seems like it’s time for their break-up. The video of strain Gori Tu Latth Maar starts with Jaya revelation Keshav to not call her again. She sounds resolute, and bad Keshav is unhappy that he is losing a chairman he loved. And so a strain starts with him welcoming her to take punish on him for all his small mistakes so far.

Keshav sings aloud that she shouldn’t let her partner go scot-free, though should in fact make certain that she hits him for all a time he has angry her. It starts off as a flattering song-dance series set in a backdrop of Holi and later, we see Keshav addressing a vast throng in his village, and stressing on a fact that either his mother comes behind home or not, he is certainly going to move about toilets and sanitation.

The film destined by Shree Narayan Singh is about open defecation and miss of sanitation in farming India – a amicable emanate that is being widely discussed and debated in a country. How, Keshav – a male in adore takes it on himself to move a change in his encampment by lifting recognition about a need for toilets after his wife, Jaya leaves him for a miss of one – forms a crux of a story.

The film is slated for recover on Aug 11.​

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