TMZ: Usher was about to be engaged, had no reason to offshoot adult with Quantasia

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You know how when we confront a liar about something they’ve finished they won’t repudiate it directly though will answer in a form of a question? It competence be something like “Why would we do that?” or “why would we ask that?” That’s what came to mind when we review that Usher’s latest excuse, as per his spokesman TMZ, for since he contingency not have slept with a with a plaintiff in a herpes lawsuit opposite him, Quantasia Sharpton . Usher’s forgive is that he was in adore with his soon-to-be fiance, now mother Grace Miguel, during a time Quantasia claims she slept with him. What kind of reason is that? People in early relations lie all a time. Usher’s prior forgive around TMZ was that Quantasia was “not his type,” i.e. not prohibited or fit adequate for him. A print came out of her on a night in doubt in 2014 and she was most different-looking behind afterwards so now this forgive has been lost and there’s another one. Plus there’s a intensity declare in a form of a Day’s Inn workman who claimed she saw Usher enter a lobby, accommodate with Quantasia there and presumably go adult to Quantasia’s room with her. All of this allegedly happened on a night Quantasia claims Usher had defenceless sex with her though informing her he had genital herpes. The Day’s Inn workman remembers clearly since she asked Usher for a selfie with her and he pronounced he would take one in an hour though never came back.

TMZ has this story along with a integrate of other reasons Usher couldn’t have been there – he was late operative that night and he had to transport a lot. Isn’t that what liars do too? They chuck a garland of excuses opposite a wall and see what sticks.

Usher says there’s no approach he went to a Days Inn to offshoot adult with a lady suing him … since he was too bustling descending in adore with a lady who’s now his wife.

Sources tighten to a thespian tell TMZ … he says there was never a hotel hookup with Quantasia Sharpton, revelation friends, in Nov 2014 he was on a verge of removing intent to Grace Miguel.

Usher tells them during a time of his purported encounter, Grace was his manager and they spent ALL their giveaway time together.

His people contend when a dual weren’t enjoying giveaway time, it was all business, and they were inseparable. The integrate got intent reduction than 2 months after a purported Days Inn tryst.

Usher’s people also contend on a night in doubt his uncover ran late, that pushed a meet-and-greet good after midnight … and that flies in a face with Quantasia’s timeline in that she claims she bending adult with a thespian around 12.

We’re told his transport report was super parsimonious too … creation it even some-more doubtful he even had time to step out for a tip outing to a Days Inn.

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Again, initial Usher’s story was that Quantasia wasn’t prohibited adequate for him. Then when a declare and print emerged he unexpected remembered he was busy, in adore and also he worked late that night. This is all BS and it’s a contrition that there’s no approach to DNA exam herpes because, according to Lisa Bloom, a counsel representing Quantasia and dual other unknown clients, during slightest one of her clients engaged genital herpes. Quantasia and a other chairman (one of whom is a man, it’s not famous if he’s a one with herpes) are propitious they didn’t locate anything. Many of we don’t agree, though we do consider they have a case. Yes it’s foolish to have sex though a condom with a new person, though it’s rapist for someone who knows they have an STD to a) not divulge that to a new partner and b) deliberately go though a condom.

We have still not listened an central matter from Usher solely for these absurd stories he’s weaving to TMZ.

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