Tina Fey Says Colin Quinn Called Her a C-Word When She Was ‘SNL’ Head Writer

On Monday, Tina Fey stopped by Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio uncover to foster her new film Sisters.

And in further to articulate about a arriving Universal film, in that she co-stars with Amy Poehler, Fey common a story about when her former Saturday Night Live castmate Colin Quinn indignant her in a voicemail message.

Stern asked Fey to speak about being called a “c—” when she was conduct author during Saturday Night Live, dire her to exhibit who it was. “We’ve given done up,” pronounced Fey, wavering to divulge a name. “I adore him so much.”

Then she pronounced Colin Quinn’s name.

“I consider he — we was perplexing to assistance him with a uncover he was operative on and we consider his stress about a essay of a uncover spilled over,” pronounced Fey, divulgence that he called her that on a voicemail message. She called a occurrence “very random” and pronounced she was confused when she listened a message.

“I couldn’t even theory because [he pronounced that],” pronounced Fey. “Usually if someone calls we that, you’re like, ‘I know what we did.’ “

When Stern joked that Quinn did not make an coming on Sisters, Fey pronounced that she had asked him to be on 30 Rock 3 times, and he incited her down each time. 

“We have given reconnected during a SNL 40th actually, and we are good,” she said.

“It’s all true,” Quinn pronounced on his Twitter. “I have used impertinence when I’ve been indignant during people. When we was wrong ( as with Tina) I’ve pronounced contemptible to them.”

In a interview, Fey suggested that she herself used that derogative word opposite a lady in London, when a lady was being bold to her. Fey laughingly pronounced that she’s been removing in some-more travel altercations given her father’s death, explaining that she used to be fearful she’d get in difficulty with her father if she misbehaved.

Listen to clips from her talk below: