Three Months After Hurricane Maria, 45 Percent Of Puerto Rico Is STILL Without Power

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Are we listening, Donald Trump??

As a calendar readies for a spin to 2018 and we all collectively try to clean divided a truly shitty year that 2017 has been on SO many levels, you’re good within your right to let off some steam (safely!) tonight and suffer a jubilee with friends, family, and desired ones.

But please, all of we — and especially a absurd Commander in Chief — need not forget about Puerto Rico, where people (American citizens!!!) are still pang horribly from a after-effects of Hurricane Maria.

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It’s been 3 full months given a whirly finished landfall on a American island, and now, officials are observant 45 percent of a scarcely 1.5 million business there STILL don’t have any power.

How is that probable in this day and age, and in THIS country???

A lady named Susan Tierney, an consultant on this form of thing who testified before a U.S. Senate cabinet on replacement efforts in Puerto Rico recently, put it best in a new Associated Press news out currently (below):

“It’s usually unusual that it is still so distant divided from being 100 percent recovered. I’m not wakeful of any time in new decades given a U.S. has electrified a whole economy that there has been an outage of this magnitude.”

So, so ashamed — and such bad care true from a top.

Of Puerto Rico’s 78 municipalities, there is one — Ciales — that is still completely though power. And usually this week did energy crews finally revive electricity to tools of Yabucoa, a southern coastal city that was one of a initial strike by Maria.

Where is Donald Trump??

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But, like, seriously… he has time to bemoan about mid-term elections (of that he’s not involved) and try to slam-dunk on Hillary Clinton over a batch market, though he doesn’t have time to, we know, take a lead on Puerto Rico?

C’mon, man:


And that doesn’t even count all a foolish shit he’s finished over a past 3 months… usually a things from a final 24 hours.

We need a personality that will concentration on assisting AMERICAN CITIZENS redeem from a whirly that happened some-more than 3 months ago!!

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And we need to be aware of it ourselves. Puerto Rico still desperately, badly needs help.

Go HERE and HERE if you’re meddlesome in some some-more new, good broadcasting entrance out of a island today.

This problem will not usually go divided in time.

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