THR: Hollywood’s Trump supporters are still deplorable, depressed & unhinged

Just FYI: Deplorable wingnuts are in Hollywood too. That’s a indicate of a new story in The Hollywood Reporter called “Hollywood Conservatives Still Standing With Trump: ‘The Media Is Irrelevant.’” This reminds me of a unconstrained and profoundly foolish stating around a “Trump voters” for a past 8 months. Every media opening runs these articles clearly once a week, articles that are fundamentally like “let’s check in with these simpleton Trump electorate and see if they’re ashamed yet.” They’re never ashamed. Dear media outlets: greatfully start using pieces with headlines like “Clinton voter confirms: ‘Eight months in, we still trust Donald Trump is a misogynistic neo-Nazi lunatic.’” Or “Clinton voter now believes we’re all going to die underneath a baby-fisted madman.” Anyway, you can review THR’s square here – we theory it is joyless to comprehend that Hollywood truly is “just like us,” in that there are terrible people with terrible domestic views and we never wish to see them or hear from again.

This week’s emanate of The Hollywood Reporter facilities an inside demeanour during a Hollywood conservatives still station with Trump. THR reveals that support for a boss in a arise of Charlottesville hasn’t waned, yet a few backers won’t go on a record about their support “are we perplexing to get me killed?”

Actor Scott Baio has no such hesitation. “I don’t give a sh-t about Hollywood liberals,” he tells THR. “They’re gonna hatred a masculine no matter what. If he marinated cancer, they’d be on him for putting oncologists out of business…We know who Trump is, and we don’t trust a propaganda…The media is roughly irrelevant. It’s predicted and boring. we wish a masculine to get his bulletin through, and all else is a sideshow…I don’t give a sh-t if we ever work again…My nation comes first. we theory I’m only an old, angry, successful white masculine who stole all he has from someone else.”

Haim Saban, a billionaire Univision authority and Clinton backer, commented “I do not trust that President Trump is a Nazi or anti-Semite.” Black Lives Matter, meanwhile, “is clearly an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel group,” he tells THR, citing BLM’s central height that calls Israel “an apartheid state” obliged for “genocide.”

An attention worker on Hollywood being a no-go section for Trump supporters: “Don’t trust it? Try wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ ball top on a film shoot.”

Justified actor Nick Searcy on Trump’s difference after Charlottesville: “Trump didn’t contend some good people were Nazis; he pronounced there are some good people who don’t wish monuments ripped down. This transformation to erase a story of a Democrats’ support for a Confederacy and a KKK is ridiculous….I’ll contend a comrade ‘Antifa’ is bad, and they’ll turn it to say, ‘Nick Searcy shielded Nazis.’ They’re so self-righteous…It’s not that they disagree, it’s that they’re improved people. They’re not improved than me since they voted for Hillary Clinton.”

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

If we follow me on Twitter, we substantially saw me bitching yesterday about the new Public Policy Polling report on Trump electorate and their butthurt white fragility – basically, Trump electorate trust that they (mostly center category and overwhelmingly white and male) are a loyal victims of American society. They trust that white folks and Christians face so most taste in American society. They trust that a whole time they’re cheering anti-Semitic slogans and violence people of color. This essay is only Hollywood’s chronicle of that, where these reticent a–holes are only unfortunate to be victims of SOMETHING, anything, so they can feel aggrieved. It’s pitiable and sad.

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