Thousand Oaks: Ex-Marine Ian David Long identified as suspect

Media captionJason Coffman: The final thing we pronounced was ‘Son, we adore you.”

A US Marine Corps maestro with suspected mental health issues killed 12 people in a bustling bar in California, including a policeman, officials say.

The sharpened began during 23:20 internal time on Wednesday in Thousand Oaks about 40 miles (65km) north-west of Los Angeles.

At slightest 200 people were reportedly inside a Borderline Bar and Grill, that was hosting a tyro line-dancing night.

Police named a consider as 28-year-old Ian David Long.

Earlier this year, troops mental health professionals privileged him after he was found working “irrationally” during his home, pronounced authorities.

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The consider had served in a US Marines and fought in Afghanistan

How did a sharpened happen?

Police contend a consider was dressed in black, and forced his approach into a bar after sharpened a bouncer.

A college nation song night was underneath approach when a consider apparently threw a fume grenade before opening fire, witnesses say.

Police contend he used a legally owned .45 description Glock semi-automatic handgun, that had an extended repository that is bootleg in a state of California.

The extended repository authorised a gun to lift some-more than a standard 11-bullet capacity.

Police contend they do not nonetheless know how many shots were fired, or either a gunman reloaded during a attack.

One witness, Teylor Whittler, who was celebrating a friend’s 21st birthday, said: “I was on a dance building and we listened a gunshots, so we looked behind and afterwards all of a remarkable everybody screamed: ‘Get Down!’

“It was a outrageous panic, everybody got up, we was trampled, we was kind of left on a building until some male came behind me and grabbed me and dragged me out.”

People transient a bar by regulating chairs to mangle windows, while others reportedly easeful inside a venue’s toilets.

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The night is renouned among a area’s internal university students

At slightest 10 people are famous to have been bleeding and others are self-reporting with injuries during internal hospitals.

One survivor pronounced he and his friends also transient genocide final year in a deadliest US mass sharpened of complicated times, when a gunman killed 58 people during a Las Vegas nation song concert.

Nicholas Champion told CBS News: “We’re all a large family and unfortunately this family got strike twice.”

Popular among students, a bar is tighten to California Lutheran University, Pepperdine University and Moorpark College.

Nightmare though end

By James Cook, BBC News, Thousand Oaks

For a United States, this is a calamity that never ends.

The names of large schools, churches, colleges and even whole cities have turn synonymous with mass murder. To a list of Las Vegas, Orlando, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Sutherland Springs and Parkland we now supplement Thousand Oaks.

At a Borderline Bar and Grill survivors huddled together in a darkness, vibrating in a garments they had been wearing in a warm, accessible bar. Many of a congregation were regulars who had come to suffer nation song and dance together.

The mood among a small groups of friends was one of startle and despondency – though what was absent was a clarity of surprise.

What have troops said?

Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean described a stage inside a bar as “horrific” and pronounced there was “blood everywhere”.

He pronounced initial responders arrived reduction than 3 mins after a initial puncture calls from a venue were made.

Ventura Sheriff’s Sergeant Ron Helus, who after died in hospital, attempted to enter a active stage with a internal highway look-out when he was shot several times.

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Sgt Ron Helus was one of a initial officers on a scene

The father and father-of-one had been a policeman for 29 years and was a veteran firearms instructor.

He was due to retire subsequent year.

“It saddens us all and tears during a emotions,” a policeman said. “He died a hero. He went in to save lives, to save other people.”

Sheriff Dean, who on Thursday completes his final day portion as Ventura County sheriff, warned: “It doesn’t matter how protected your village is, it doesn’t matter how low your crime rate is – there are people who only don’t consider scrupulously everywhere, we don’t caring where we are, and they dedicate horrific acts like this.

Media captionSurvivors of California sharpened news what they saw.

“There’s no approach to process. There’s no approach to make clarity out of a senseless.”

President Donald Trump released a commercial grouping flags to be lowered median during a White House and all open and troops buildings to commemorate victims of a “terrible” attack.

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Who is a suspect?

Police contend they have had several teenager contacts with Long in new years, including in Apr 2018 when they were called to his residence after a news of a disturbance.

During talks with police, he seemed “somewhat irate, behaving a small irrationally”, a policeman said.

A troops predicament involvement group interviewed him, and dynamic that it was not required to reason him opposite his will in a mental health facility.

What is PTSD?

  • Being held adult in a dire eventuality that is overwhelming, frightening and life-threatening can lead to PTSD
  • The symptoms customarily start within a few weeks of a trauma, though they can start later
  • After a dire eventuality people can feel grief-stricken, depressed, anxious, guilty and indignant
  • People might have flashbacks and nightmares
  • People might be ‘on guard’ – staying warning all a time
  • Physical symptoms can be aches and pains, diarrhoea, strange heartbeats, headaches, feelings of panic and fear, depression
  • People might start celebration too most ethanol or regulating drugs (including painkillers).

Source: Royal College of Psychiatrists

Mental health professionals believed he suffered from PTSD (post-traumatic highlight disorder), a policeman said.

In a statement, a US Marine Corp reliable that he had served from 2008-13 as a appurtenance gunner and rose to a arrange of corporal.

He served in Afghanistan from Nov 2010 to Jun 2011 and perceived a Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, a Afghanistan Campaign Medal, and a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.

According to a website Gun Violence Archive, more than 12,000 people have been killed by firearms in a US so distant this year, including about 3,000 people underneath 18.

That series does not embody an annual guess of 22,000 suicides around firearm.

In a final dual weeks alone, a male shot passed dual people yoga studio in Florida, and another gunman non-stop glow on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, murdering 11.

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