Thomas Rhett Is Excited to Celebrate Christmas with Kids: Last Year ‘Was Literally Me, My Wife and 2 Dogs’

Thomas Rhett has belted out a lot of songs in his career, though his newest singular “Life Changes” is substantially a many apropos.

On Aug. 12, he and his mother Lauren Akins welcomed daughter Ada James. Just a few months prior, a integrate adopted their daughter, Willa Gray, now 22-months-old.

How’s that for life changes?

“Last Christmas it was literally me and my mother and dual dogs, and this Christmas is going to be my wife, dual dogs and dual kids,” he told PEOPLE during a iHeartRadio song festival in Las Vegas on Saturday. “I would contend that’s a many large change on a planet.”

“It’s hard,” he pronounced of sophistry new fatherhood (times two!) and touring,”but Lauren has been so amazing.”


In fact, his mother flew to Los Angeles on Friday with a children to warn him during his uncover during The Greek, that he says “is not an easy moody with dual kids underneath 2.”

Like we said, life changes.

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“I accommodate people in accommodate and hail and people will say, ‘I know that that story is your story, though we kind of reinstate things that occur in my life and sing a carol and it creates clarity for all of us,’” Rhett said. “That’s one a things we flower on as a songwriter is perplexing to make it as personal as we can and have it describe to as many people as humanly possible.”