This Restaurant Serves Melted Cheese Wheels Scraped Right Onto Your Plate

Sweet dreams are done of cheese, and a grill called Raclette in NYC is creation your wildest fantasies come true. The restaurant, as pragmatic by a name, specializes in raclettes, a renouned Swiss food that’s radically melted wheels of cheese. You can select from a accumulation of raclettes, that are all scraped tableside; a waiter literally brings your possess personal sizzling circle of cheese to a list and scrapes off each final melted bit onto your plate. If this sounds too good to be true, you’re going to wish to keep reading — we assure you, it’s not.

The menu of raclettes includes a Savoyarde ($15), that is melted French raclette cheese scraped onto roasted new potatoes, cornichons, and preserved white pearl onions, and a Mediterranée ($20), or thyme-roasted asparagus and cherry tomatoes with rack-melted raclette. Every raclette dish is served with a cut of baguette (perfect for dipping) and an arugula salad (if we feel like adding some health to your plate).

Aside from a cheese wheels, a menu includes copiousness of other appealing options like tartines and croque monsieurs. But let’s be genuine — many people select a jaw-dropping raclettes for apparent reasons. To get a clarity of a knowledge and energise your cheese cravings, take a demeanour during some of a many hypnotizing photos and videos business during Raclette have shared, and be prepared to supplement this grill to your bucket list on your subsequent NYC visit.