This Magical Pop-Tarts Cafe Is Straight Out of Your Childhood Dreams

Kellogg’s combined a Pop-Tart cafeteria true out of your childhood dreams, and it’s portion adult a many singular versions of your favorite Pop-Tarts flavors. The pop-up cafe, that we can revisit in NYC until Sunday, Feb. 26, is in Times Square during Kellogg’s first-ever cafe, that transforms into several pop-up shops like this one.

The Pop-Tarts Cafe competence be a many sparkling one we’ve seen yet. The artistic menu turns a breakfast pastries into dishes like crepes, nachos, fries, and more. Beyond a delicious dishes that are indeed Pop-Tarts in disguise, there are also copiousness of honeyed treats to give we a sugarine rush, like Strawberry Pop-Tart shakes and S’mores Pop-Tart “burritos” wrapped in a honeyed crepe. If you’re salivating only meditative about it, review on to get a closer demeanour during all we attempted during a extraordinary cafe, and cruise any plate impulse for your possess Pop-Tarts-inspired dishes during home.

Additional stating by Madison Meltzer