This Is What Goes Into a $200 Hot Dog

In respect of National Hot Dog Day on Jul 23, Hebrew National is celebrating with a rather impracticable creation: a 1700 Carat Hot Dog. Decked out with toppings like 100-year-old aged balsamic, succulent bullion flakes, and truffles, this singular recipe is utterly presumably a many over-the-top prohibited dog I’ve ever encountered. After removing a ambience of it, I’m on board. The comfortable and tainted prohibited dog complacent on a buttery brioche bun that complemented a clever savoriness of a truffles. While we can’t accurately find this mixture in a restaurant, we can re-create a recipe during home — though it’ll cost you. According to Hebrew National, scooping adult all of a required mixture would come to a whopping $200. Would we feet a bill? Weigh in below!

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