This Is How Much Your Favorite Rom-Com Characters Would REALLY Be Paying In Rent!

Ever consternation how most those apartments and houses from your favorite rom-coms *really* cost??

There’s a good possibility a characters couldn’t even means them! That’s a beauty of uncover business! took a autocracy of checking out a skill value of some of these “sets” IRL, and a formula are flattering fascinating!

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Ch-ch-check ’em all out (below)!!

1. Noah’s residence in The Notebook is a four-bedroom waterfront ancestral home (built in 1772) on Wadmalaw Island in South Carolina that goes for $12,000 a month.

2. Harry AKA Billy Crystal‘s Greenwich Village apartment, with implausible views of Manhattan, in When Harry Met Sally would cost $3,800 a month today.

3. The Maid In Manhattan hotel unit (filmed during both Roosevelt Hotel and a Waldorf-Astoria Hotel) would lease for $12,000 a month.

4. However, Jennifer Lopez‘s character’s tangible headquarters in a Bronx was indeed some-more picturesque entrance in during $1,300 a month.

5. Sex The City‘s Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big were in “real estate heaven” with this four-story walk-up on 62nd Street in NYC that costs $190,000 a month to rent, and $40–$50 million to buy. Wow.

6. Carrie’s initial unit wasn’t any some-more affordable as a West Village mark sole for $9.85 million in 2012.

7. The Sleepless in Seattle houseboat positively wasn’t old-fashioned as a dockside crib sole for $2 million behind in 2014!

8. Pretty Woman‘s Vivian started out in a $185/week room during a Las Palmas Hotel in Los Angeles…

9. And she finished adult in a $38,500/week unit during The Regent Beverly Wilshire! The come up!

There we have it!

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