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Ben Affleck is no saint.

As we certainly saw, a Live By Night executive scrambled to recover a matter about Harvey Weinstein after he was put on blast for staying silent on a indie film mogul’s passionate bungle scandal. Unsurprisingly, when a A-lister DID finally residence a controversy, he denounced Weinstein and clearly pragmatic that he was ignorant to Harvey’s unpalatable behavior.

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Sadly, per Rose McGowan, Ben was well-aware of Harvey’s antics and allegedly told a Charmed alum that he systematic a ashamed film noble to “stop doing that.” To make matters worse, Affleck is now being DRAGGED as a deceiver as he apparently groped singer Hilarie Burton but her agree behind in a ’00s!

Amid speak on amicable media about Ben’s Weinstein statement, one user removed how Ben “grabbed Hilarie Burton’s breasts on TRL once.” This knowledge was clearly scarring for a One Tree Hill star as she commented:

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