This BBC Analyst Got HIGHlariously Interrupted By His Kids Live On Air — OMG!

We. Can’t. Stop. Laughing!!!

Political scholarship highbrow Robert E. Kelly was HIGHlariously interrupted during an coming around Skype on BBC News — and a footage (above) has now left viral!

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The Korea researcher was vocalization on a new ousting of South Korean boss Park Geun-hye when one of his kids toddled into a room, preoccupied to a really critical goings-on inside a study.

The child proceeded to strut right adult to her father, during that indicate a BBC newsperson said, “I consider one of your kids only walked into a room.”

As if that wasn’t already humorous enough, a baby in a hiker rolled into a investigate next, followed by a harried mom who detonate into a room to take a children divided amid a lot of good and books descending everywhere.

Twitter desired it, naturally:

Props to a male for staying stoical during all that chaos, and interjection to his family for providing us with a good laugh!

Make certain we watch a shave (above)!

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