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We wish we enjoyed your vacation, Barack Obama, given we could reallyyyy use a sane-minded personality right about now.

On Monday, a former (ugh) President expelled a matter praising adults for a national protests in response to President Donald Trump‘s immigration ban.

In his initial open matter given withdrawal office, Obama pronounced he was “heartened by a turn of rendezvous holding place in communities around a country.”

The former POTUS also bloody Drumpf’s executive order, observant he “fundamentally disagrees with a idea of cultured opposite people given of their faith or religion.”

It’s crazy to consider not all politicians feel a same way

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Ironically, Trump defended his anathema in a Facebook post, observant it was “similar to what President Obama did in 2011 when he criminialized visas for refugees from Iraq for 6 months.”

But a dual policies aren’t accurately comparable. Obama’s process came after it was detected in 2011 that dual Iraqi refugees who were vital in Kentucky had been concerned in roadside bombing attacks on U.S. infantry in Iraq.

The Kentucky box stirred a Obama administration to significantly check in estimate Iraqi refugees while U.S. immigration, confidence and comprehension agencies rescreened about 58,000 Iraqui refugees in a U.S. — and over 25,000 some-more who had been authorized to enter.

In contrariety to Obama’s actions — that targeted one nation and concerned no undisguised anathema — Trump systematic a distant wider anathema (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen) but identifying a specific threat!

Also, Obama couldn’t have “banned visas for refugees from Iraq for 6 months” given refugees don’t

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