There’s something called a toilet paper lips art and we consider it’s totally insane

Toilet paper lips art is a brainchild of Italian make-up artist Greta Agazzi. (Source: Instagram/greta_ag)

We were unequivocally astounded when a marble lips trend took over Instagram progressing in Apr this year and only when we suspicion things couldn’t get any bizarre, we were strike by a dragon brow, plume brow and a armpit tattoo trend. The latest beauty trend creation a rounds is a toilet paper lips art, a peaceful sign that zero is off-limits in a universe of Instagram.

On May 22, Greta Agazzi, a make-up artist from Italy common a print of her holographic masterpiece that she combined by pleat a toilet paper to fit her lips and afterwards request it onto her lips regulating eyelash glue, before regulating a toothpick to flay adult areas to supplement texture.

After putting it in place, she used a reduction of Lime Crime Velevetines and Diamond Crushers to emanate a super cold shimmering colours.

According to, Agazzi said, “I mostly try to emanate mouth humanities focused on a judgment of texture. This time we wanted to go for a kind of present hang effect. Toilet paper is used in a (special effects) make-up to emanate hardness underneath a base, so that’s where we took a technique.”

We don’t know how unsentimental a demeanour is and seems like YouTuber Saifya Nygaard and associate YouTuber Candace Lowry common a same concern. To exam it out, both of them strike a streets to see what a open suspicion and as approaching it did not get an strenuous response.

Watch a video here to see how people responded.

What do we consider about this trend? Let us know in a comments below.

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