There Goes a Baker With His Tray of Beauty and a Beast Cookies, Like Always

Like a rest of a world, we are freaking out about a arriving live-action Beauty and a Beast movie. We have a pantries stocked with Beast-adorned tea, we’ve scored a possess enchanted rose tumblers, and we’re cooking with a beautiful Belle-inspired soup pot. If you’re carrying a observation celebration of a strange charcterised film forward of saying a live-action version, we have a ideal snacks for you: Beauty and a Beast cookies.

These remarkably flashy cookies from TaleCookies on Etsy embody all of your favorite characters from a classical and are certain to pleasure each Disney fan in your life. The best partial is that we can sequence a cookies for yourself with a choice of 3 flavors: shortbread, chocolate chip, and gingerbread. While these homemade cookies aren’t accurately inexpensive (six cookies cost $44, and 12 cost $84), they’re really a inestimable investment for any doctrinaire Beauty and a Beast fan.

Ahead, see a gorgeously flashy treats.