The Young and a Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Sully’s Health Problems – Sharon Discovers Christian and Dr. A’s True Identity?

The Young and a Restless (YR) Spoilers: Sully's Health Problems - Sharon Discovers Christian and Dr. A's True Identity?

“The Young and a Restless” (YR) spoilers provoke that Christian [AKA Sully] will humour a health reversal heading to a shocker that he doesn’t have Sharon Newman’s [Sharon Case] DNA. Sharon contingency afterwards come to terms with a fact that she might not have delivered him in Fairview like she was led to believe.

The intolerable news sends Sharon on a find as she learns Dr. Anderson’s [Elizabeth Bogush] loyal temperament and unravels her immorality skeleton that she has in store for Nick Newman [Joshua Morrow].

On Friday, Dec 11, Sharon beheld that Sully seemed unsettled. Sharon attempted to console him; however, something seemed off with him. It was adequate to worry Sharon and Dylan [Steve Burton]. Eventually, a baby staid down and went to sleep.

The shock gave a fans a glance of what might be coming—a health shock that will doubt the temperament of a baby Sharon named Sully.

The 2016 storyline previews indicated this year Sharon will find Sully doesn’t share her DNA, and it leads to a intolerable end that Dr. Anderson presented her with a baby child that isn’t her biological child. Sharon is repelled to contend a slightest and creates it her goal to find out how she was given him in a initial place.

Sharon’s hunt lands her in Dr. Anderson’s web of deceit—a place where she learns that a doc has immorality skeleton for her former husband. Sharon contingency competition opposite a time and get to Nick to advise him about what is headed his way.

In a impulse of panic, Sharon contingency confirm if she wants to advise Nick of a risk entrance his way, meaningful that doing that would risk her losing control of Sully when a law comes out that he is Sage’s [Kelly Sullivan] son.

Head scribe, Chuck Pratt, Jr remarkable that a highway to finding Sully’s loyal temperament is full of twists and turns and will engage Sharon, Dylan, Nick, Sage, and Chelsea [Melissa Claire Egan]. Pratt warns a fans that a storyline is multi-layered—the storyline will keep a fans guessing all a approach to a end of a plot.

Chuck teased that Sharon is a one who stumbles on Dr. A’s loyal identity; however, meaningful who she is could place Sharon in harm’s way. How prolonged do we consider it will take for Sully’s temperament to be revealed? Will Sharon tell Dylan if she suspects he might not be their son? Don’t forget to come behind after for more “The Young and a Restless” spoilers and updates!