The Young and a Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Dr. Anderson Admits She’s Sandra Allen? Chelsea Questions Sage’s Feelings for Adam

The Young and a Restless (YR) Spoilers: Dr. Anderson Admits She’s Sandra Allen? Chelsea Questions Sage’s Feelings for Adam

“The Young and a Restless” (YR) spoilers for Monday, Dec 7 provoke that Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) will confront Billy (Burgess Jenkins) about his arrest. Billy will consider Phyllis deserves some of a censure given she pushed him to speak things over with Victoria (Amelia Heinle).

Phyllis will tell Billy to get solemn so they can get prepared to hoop Jack (Peter Bergman). Jack will uncover adult during Jabot and let Ashley (Eileen Davidson) know that he’s wakeful of a plot. Ashley won’t know Phyllis’ vendetta, so Jack will try to explain.

Jack will report a conditions with Marco (Peter Bergman) and how it influenced Phyllis. When Phyllis arrives, Jack will speak to her about a scheme. Phyllis will confess that she favourite feeling empowered.

Victor (Eric Braeden) will charge in repetition about how he’s entrance after Jabot. Victor will bluster to sue and drain Phyllis dry. Jack will conduct to a GC Athletic Club to demonstrate his exasperation to Billy.

Billy will consider he had courage and Jack didn’t. Jack will be fed adult with Billy’s opinion and announce that he’s done. Billy is on his possess from now on. At Crimson Lights, Kevin (Greg Rikaart) will lapse from Geneva.

Mariah (Camryn Grimes) will get sceptical of a hacker he met there. Nearby, Dr. Anderson (Elizabeth Bogush) will ask Dylan (Steve Burton) about Sharon’s (Sharon Case) health.

Dr. Anderson will move adult Sage (Kelly Sullivan) and how she doesn’t consider it’s a good thought for her to see Sully. Nick (Joshua Morrow) will overhear and be outraged. It seems Nick thinks Dr. Anderson should conduct behind to Fairview and boundary out.

Nick will start to travel away, though Dr. Anderson will follow him. Dr. A will advise that Nick needs to opening a little. Nick will acknowledge that he does. Dr. Anderson will tell Nick to call her “Sandy.”

There’s been some hum about a probability that this shady doc is indeed Sandra Allen. “Sandy Anderson” sounds like it could be a tighten alias. A gamble between Nick and Sandra led to a horrific diving collision when they were teens.

Sandra pennyless her neck and her Olympic diving dreams were dashed. Could Sandy Anderson indeed be Sandra Allen behind for revenge? If so, it would positively explain Dr. Anderson’s apparent need to destroy Nick’s life.

YR viewers will be concerned to see if or when a news will come out. Dr. Anderson will tell Nick that it’s best to let Sage have some space. Nick will lapse to Dylan and they’ll speak about how concerned Dr. Anderson has been in their lives.

Dylan will be grateful for all of Dr. A’s help. Later, Nick will conduct over to see Sage during a penthouse, though Adam won’t concede it. They’ll disagree until Sage appears. Nick will remember when he incited to Phyllis instead of Sharon after Cassie (Camryn Grimes) died.

Now Sage is doing a same thing by disposition on Adam for support. Sage will brawl with Nick and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) will intervene. Sage will go with Chelsea to a kitchen and they’ll plead Adam.

Chelsea will be blissful that Sage helped Adam find his approach behind to her. Sage will confess that she appreciated Adam’s exposed side. Chelsea will ask if Sage fell in adore with Adam. Other “Young and a Restless” spoilers exhibit that Victor will be prepared to retaliate.

Adam will have ideas about how they could strike back, though Victoria will be wavering to trust him. Victoria will consider that Adam is usually assisting Victor since he’s holding something over his head.

Stick with a CBS soap for updates on Adam’s try to keep his secret. So YR fans, what do we consider about these “Young and a Restless” spoilers?

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