The Young and a Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Billy Arrested for DUI, Victoria Leaves With Kids – Ashley Digs Up Dirt on Adam

The Young and a Restless (YR) Spoilers: Billy Arrested for DUI, Victoria Leaves With Kids – Ashley Digs Up Dirt on Adam

“The Young and a Restless” spoilers for Friday, Dec 4, provoke that Ashley (Eileen Davidson) will try to get Adam (Justin Hartley) on her side. Ashley will advise that she can be Adam’s fan if he’ll brief his secret.

Adam will explain there is no secret. This is about a fact that Victor (Eric Braeden) got Adam out of prison. Adam will contend he’s only profitable his father back. Ashley won’t buy it, though she’ll let Adam know that she’ll be there if he ever decides to be honest.

At a church, Victor and Billy (Burgess Jenkins) will get into an argument. Billy will insist that Adam won’t stop until he destroys Victor. Meanwhile, Sage (Kelly Sullivan) will be perplexed by a knowledge of holding Sully.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) will move Sage behind to existence and inspire her to give a baby behind to Sharon (Sharon Case). Sage will palm Sully over and rush out of a church in tears.

Once Paul (Doug Davidson) arrives, they’ll have a pacific christening service. Victor will find Billy celebration heavily during a bar in a jaunty club. Ashley will cocktail in and titillate Billy to grow up.

Billy will brush Ashley off, though she’ll tell a barkeeper that her brother’s had enough. On her approach out, Ashley will also ask a barkeeper to call a cab. Billy will tell a barkeeper not to worry as he leaves with his keys.

Later, Paul will get a news that Billy was concerned in an accident. Victoria (Amelia Heinle) will go with Paul to a military hire and find Billy in handcuffs. It seems Billy was arrested for dipsomaniac pushing after he strike a post.

Victoria will consider Billy is out of control and she won’t concede her kids to be around such self-destructive behavior. Billy will snap behind that he won’t let Victoria take his children divided from him.

YR spoilers spirit that a sour conflict could be heating up. In his suite, Luca (Miles Gaston Villanueva) will pull Marisa (Sofia Pernas) away. Luca will contend he wants Marisa back, though not like this.

They could be a genuine family if Marisa would get on board. Marisa will insist that they were immature when they got married and she only doesn’t feel a same approach about Luca now.

Luca will state that he’ll make preparations for them to go see their daughter together. Marisa will give Noah (Robert Adamson) updates on her review with Luca. Noah will direct to know if Marisa slept with Luca to get him to stay.

They’ll brawl until Luca walks over with a luggage. Marisa and Luca will conduct off to see Ava while Noah sulks. Victor will be circuitously and Noah will griddle him about his understanding with Luca. Victor will contend that Marisa done her possess decision.

Other “Young and a Restless” spoilers exhibit that Ashley will let Stitch (Sean Carrigan) and Abby (Melissa Ordway) know about Billy’s accident. They’ll also plead a renewed adversary between a Newmans and a Abbotts.

The infighting is an hapless addition. Ashley will wish Abby to get to a bottom of Adam’s secret, though Stitch won’t consider it’s a good idea. They’ll disagree and Abby will exclude to assistance Ashley.

At a park, Nick will consider it was too shortly for Sage to attend a baby-related eventuality like a christening. Sage will be indignant that she never got to reason her son. Nick will try to get by to her, though Sage will need some time to hoop this alone.

After Nick is gone, Adam will uncover adult and try to assistance Sage. Sage and Adam will conduct to a penthouse together. Adam will entice Sage to stay for cooking and spend a night.

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) will give Adam a bizarre look, though she’ll contend Sage is acquire there. Sage will eventually determine and Chelsea will make certain a guest room is ready.

When Chelsea comes back, she’ll see Adam holding a pathetic Sage. It looks like Chelsea isn’t too happy about Sage’s tie with Adam. Stick with a CBS soap to see if their bond will lead to trouble.

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