‘The Wiz’ Star Shanice Williams Would Love A Date With Michael B. Jordan: we Love Him

Now that she’s a outrageous star, Shanice Williams needs a film star beloved on her arm, too! ‘The Wiz Live!’ star is majorly abrasive on Michael B. Jordan, she told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY!

Did we hear that, Michael B. Jordan? A gorgeous, gifted lady has her eye on you! Dorothy from The Wiz Live!, Shanice Williams, told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that she loves a Creed star! Yes, loves! So are there going to be any sparks between these two? Or maybe, a date??

HollywoodLife.com asked Shanice who her luminary vanquish is. “Michael B. Jordan, though he is a small comparison than me,” she said, laughing. “But we adore him!” Now that would be one lovable couple! Shanice is 18 years-old, and Michael is 28 years-old, so there is really a bit of an age opening there. But it seems like Michael would have a tough time facing a allure of such a pleasing and extraordinary woman. And we totally get because she’s soft with Michael; have we seen him? So is Michael going to palliate on down a highway to Shanice’s place?

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Shanice usually completed her overwhelming dermatitis purpose as Dorothy in The Wiz Live!, to soap-box reviews. This is really usually a commencement of a prolonged and successful career; there are substantially copiousness of times she’s going to be using into Michael now that they’re in a same biz! If usually we had a event to potentially work with a luminary crushes!

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Shanice’s timing is impeccable. Michael usually told GQ that he’s really single. After being speckled withdrawal a Met Gala during a same time as Kendall Jenner, he dispelled rumors that they’re dating — they’re usually friends! Though he pronounced he’s not meddlesome in dating most right now (he’s too focused on his career), he’ll recur for someone “undeniable.” Michael, accommodate Shanice!

HollywoodLifers, do we consider Shanice and Michael should start dating? Tell us in a comments!