The Weeknd Reminds Us Never To Fall In Love In Space In His we Feel It Coming Music Video!

The Weeknd has unequivocally been giving us Michael Jackson vibes on his new strain with Daft Punk, so it creates sum clarity a song video would underline some light moonwalking!

Late Thursday, a RB star forsaken a video for I Feel It Coming, and unequivocally embraced a whole intergalactic thesis by dancing on another planet!

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In a vid, a performer leans and rocks with it on a garland of space rocks until an illusory lady manifests out of nowhere and sensually dances along with a hero.

Of course, a space chick is only a trap to keep The Weeknd dreaming during a solar eclipse, that causes some biblical, Never Ending Story shit to go down. Lesson schooled — use insurance in space!

Ch-ch-check out a space stupidity (above)!

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