The Weeknd Almost Hit By Falling Equipment On Stage!

What a frightful impulse for The Weeknd!

The Starboy thespian was scarcely strike by descending objects on theatre while behaving in Mexico City on Sunday, and shockingly he rubbed a conditions improved than most!

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The occurrence happened during a initial night of back-to-back shows of a Canadian’s worldwide tour. In a shave posted to his Instagram Story, theatre apparatus falls from a sky as a 28-year-old performs his singular Party Monster.

Luckily Abel was okay, and he didn’t even flinch!

He even joked about it by inserting a meme observant “Mexico Forecast: Stormy With A Chance Of Falling Objects” in his story. But a frightened face emoji lets us know a occurrence did in fact shake him adult a bit!

Stay protected out there, buddy!

And we can locate video of a nearby collision HERE.

[Image around Derrick Salters/WENN.]