The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 15 Spoilers: Carol Survives Brutal Savior Attack – Morgan Rides to a Rescue

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 15 Spoilers: Carol Survives Brutal Savior Attack – Morgan Rides to a Rescue

“The Walking Dead” (TWD) spoilers for Season 6 Episode 15 “East” prove Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) will be in apocalyptic straits after she runs divided from Alexandria. The teaser trailer for a next-to-the-last part of deteriorate 6 shows Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) withdrawal a village on his bike.

But don’t assume Daryl is going after Carol. No doubt he respects her right to make her possess choices too much. Instead, Daryl is headed out to right a wrong – withdrawal Dwight a Savior (Austin Amelio) alive. We know a core organisation customarily regrets vouchsafing someone live and D is a box in point.

But Carol is a focal prove of this spoiler! We’ve seen Carol waffling newly and experiencing a predicament of conscience. She wrote down a series of people (not walkers) – vital respirating humans – that she’s killed – and it seems to be discouraging her.

Carol might seem like tough as nails and all “look during a flowers” on a outside, though she seems to be exploding inside. Carol has left her new partner Tobin (Jason Douglas) and walked out on a community. Just as when Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) banished her before, Carol has now selected to outcast herself.

But it looks like she’ll run into big, bad trouble. Some “The Walking Dead” spoilers from Facebook prove that a bloody route and a rosary that Carol has been carrying will lead a rescuer to her side – and it’s a slightest expected of a Alexandrians that comes for her – Morgan Jones (Lennie James).

Carol and Morgan have been during critical philosophical contingency for weeks, though it might have been that he done an sense on her – and she on him. It’s Morgan that will go out looking for Carol and, according to spoilers, will find her as a solitary survivor of a Savior attack.

Looks like there are many other tiny encampments that we’ve nonetheless to see surrounding Alexandria. TWD spoilers provoke Morgan out looking for Carol, on horseback (of all things), and finds blood, afterwards her rosary nearby a passed hiker and finally, an harmed Carol during a camp.

Carol is slashed adult with a wound during her side and Morgan rags her adult and saves her life. He afterwards wants to take her behind to Alexandria for serve caring though she refuses to go. Will Morgan leave her unattended? Other TWD spoilers spirit that Carol might be hold during gunpoint in a deteriorate finale.

What do we think, TWD fans? Will Morgan save Carol usually for her to be during risk again, interjection to a Saviors? Will Carol tarry a Season 6 finale? TWD spoilers prove a core organisation member of Rick’s clan will die in a culmination interjection to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Could it be Carol?

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