The View’s Joy Behar and Star Jones Feud, Joy Calls Star Out for Lying

Even yet she is prolonged left from “The View”, former co-host Star Jones is still feuding with her former co-hosts. Joy Behar, who is still a panelist for a daytime speak show, has done it transparent that she is sleepy of Star Jones lying, and has motionless to call her former co-worker out.

This latest argument between a ladies started final month when Star Jones done a guest coming on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. In a interview, Star talked about her time on a renouned daytime uncover and when asked about her associate co-hosts, Star hidden that Joy was not really accessible off shade and claims Joy didn’t like a other co-hosts.

Those comments did not lay good with Joy Behar who happened to seem on Watch What Happens Live this past Thursday. When Andy Cohen asked Joy about Star Jones’ comments, Joy said, “I don’t know though we was accessible with everybody. we don’t know what she’s articulate about. we don’t like any of my co-hosts, that’s what she said? What form of feign news is that?”

Of course, this is not a initial time there has been attrition between Star Jones and Joy Behar. While both were panelists on The View, there was mostly tragedy between Joy and Star whenever “hot topics” were discussed, though one of a many tension-filled moments on a uncover occurred when Star Jones underwent a breast rebate medicine and discussed her procedure. After a few minutes, Joy felt that Star was holding adult too most of a shred and told her to hang it up. Star became indignant and a outcome was a really worried impulse for a assembly and other panelists.

Another indicate of row was Star’s over-the-top marriage to Al Reynolds in 2004. Joy had no problem revelation Andy Cohen that during her marriage planning, Star Jones was a sum “bridezilla”. Joy, as good as a other panelists during a time, became sleepy of conference Star constantly speak about her arriving commitment and plugging marriage products she scored from vendors for free.

Star Jones diva function and lies also landed her in prohibited H2O with Barbara Walters, who combined The View. During her reign during The View, Star Jones had gastric bypass medicine and mislaid a lot of weight, though she kept a medicine a tip from a assembly and simulated that she mislaid a weight by diet and exercise. Barbara Walters felt that Star Jones lies about her weight detriment medicine put her and a other panelists in an ungainly position and dismissed Star from a show.

Although years have left by, it positively doesn’t sound like Joy Behar is prepared to pardon Star Jones and bury a hatchet anytime soon.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images