‘The Vampire Diaries’ Helped Change a Perception of The CW, Network President Says

When Mark Pedowitz assimilated The CW as boss in 2011, he binged dual of a network’s shows before starting: Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, with a latter carrying afterwards aired dual seasons.

Now, as TVD wraps a run after 8 years, Pedowitz sees a uncover as carrying helped figure his network during a time when it wasn’t quite famous for being a genre-friendly home. 

“A uncover like Vampire, that is on a atmosphere 8 years and for a duration of time we would contend kept a lights on … Vampire was unequivocally unique to what a CW became,” Pedowitz tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Binging TVD gave a executive a frank appreciation for a uncover that has been clear in a approach he’s oral about it over a years. After his binge, “I was in astonishment with Julie [Plec] and Kevin [Williamson] and a whole expel and organisation did in a initial dual years of Vampire,” he said. “They took what could have been a teenage angst uncover and done it so most more: It was a adore triangle. It was a adore of dual brothers. It was all of these characters that represented [so many different] things. Also, we trust during a finish of year dual was a introduction of Elijah’s impression that comes to year 3 for Klaus.”

He paused. “I’m doing this from memory, by a way.”

Essentially, The Vampire Diaries bridged a opening between what a CW was famous for after a arrangement from The WB Network in 2006 — young, teen-friendly, fatty shows a la Gossip Girl — and a genre breakwater it is currently with shows like iZombie, The 100 as good as a register of DC Comics shows like The Flash and Supergirl.

“This uncover fundamentally prisoner what was operative for The CW and continues somewhat. What started as a immature female-skewed uncover with all a elements of a abnormal … became some-more than only a teenage show,” Pedowitz said. “It became a genre uncover that was appealing to an assembly that worked for it. It helped us as we re-crafted [into] what The CW is today, that is a broader network. It’s secure in broadcast. It’s secure in genre. It’s secure in serialized programming. But we know a genre works. We know serialized programming works. Vampire did a superb pursuit and it postulated itself for all those 8 years.”

Pedowitz’s categorical goal a year after he started during The CW was to enlarge a network’s aim demographic. “We intentionally went out starting in ’12 to enlarge a assembly base, given we satisfied that if we became too niche, it would be formidable for The CW to tarry in a benefaction form,” he said. “Vampire was extended adequate in what it did that it fit what we were perplexing to get to with Arrow or during a finish of a day Flash, or even Jane [the Virgin], in terms of it being high in judgment or genre. In this box it was genre with a small bit of high judgment to it.”

But that doesn’t meant a network didn’t dally in genre before. “It had Smallville. It had Supernatural. It had Vampire,” Pedowitz forked out. “But it also had 7th Heaven. It had Gossip Girl. CW became some-more tangible in a early partial of a 10-year story from Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries appealing to a immature womanlike audience. It became unequivocally defined.”

Today, Pedowitz keeps a note on his table that he uses to explain what a network has become. “We’re a high-concept peep genre, either it’s comedy or drama, serialized programming. Some elements were procedural, yet they’re not a pushing force. As prolonged as we stay in that world, a shows might or might not work, yet they fit us better. When we try to try outward that universe for whatever reason, we can't move a assembly that we wish to move on any platform.” 

When it came time to finish The Vampire Diaries, Pedowitz pronounced a preference eventually fell to co-creator Plec. “I trust Julie, [Warner Bros. Television president] Peter [Roth] and we had a review over a summer. We all sat together and we asked Julie what she thought, where we were at, how we all felt. You have a emanate of actor’s deals entrance adult and all else that goes with it,” Pedowitz said. “Julie felt — and we support her totally — that she had strike a finish of those stories. She sadly came to that place with good remorse. But Peter and we were subsidy her. … She was gentle with culmination it given she knew how she wanted to finish it. We upheld her.”

Personally, though, Pedowitz will skip TVD. “The network and myself privately will skip it tremendously. we am a fan of a show,” he said. “I perspective a uncover as a fan. we have seen all a episodes.”

He continued, “I’ll skip Damon. we will skip Stefan. Elena went divided dual years ago; it’s good to have her come back. we will privately skip Caroline Forbes and Bonnie. It’s going to be tough. we will skip all of those characters. They were fun to watch. It was fun examination them grow and play a roles. They’re all unequivocally good actors and they merit a lot. we will skip Julie Plec, a good partner — we wish to be behind in business with her in some form. I’ll skip Kevin, we mean, yet Julie was using a uncover given I’ve been here, flattering much. She has been terrific.” 

As for a network, “Without The Vampire Diaries we would not be where we are today,” he said. “I indeed pronounced this during a comparison staff assembly [to] my group on Monday — we owe The Vampire Diaries a low debt of thankfulness for bridging us by dual opposite perceptions of what this network is.”

The Vampire Diaries array culmination front Friday on The CW. Check behind to THR’s The Live Feed after a part for some-more coverage.

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