‘The Vampire Diaries': Everything to Know About a Series Finale

The array culmination of The Vampire Diaries is going to be epic — so epic, in fact, that it’s partial of a title: “I Was Feeling Epic.”

Friday’s penultimate part of The CW array featured a long-awaited marriage between vampires Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice King) — an eventuality that, while fast thrown together in an try to trap immorality doppelganger (and stream ruler of hell) Katherine (Nina Dobrev), was a genuine understanding between a characters, and was even mentioned in a show’s pilot. “We’re formulation a Jun wedding,” Caroline joked when deliberating a new child during Mystic Falls High School. But later, once a characters began dating and Stefan proposed, it became real.

Wesley told press, including The Hollywood Reporter, that he knew once a offer occurred that they would indeed go by with a wedding. “If we hadn’t gotten married, we suspicion it’d be a genuine twist. Once we hook that carrot, we was like, ‘We’re going to have to get married here,'” he said. Besides, co-creator Julie Plec wouldn’t woe longtime viewers that way. “Julie’s approach too good of a person,” he added. “She wouldn’t do that.”

Ahead of subsequent week’s array finale, here’s a authority of each impression return, vital tract indicate and other information that will come in accessible while examination a 171st and final hour of a long-running CW supernatural series. 

What’s Happening in a Episode

The organisation will have to take down Katherine, who was killed in deteriorate 5 after ingesting a heal for vampirism and subsequently sent to hell. That will occur interjection to a enchanting bell fake by Matt Donovan’s (Zach Roerig) Maxwell descendants, that, on a 12th ring by a Maxwell family member, will open a embankment to ruin (and bake a vicinity with hellfire). Katherine enlisted Matt’s passed sister, Vicki (Kayla Ewell), to lapse from ruin and ring it.

Since one-third of a initial adore triangle is off a market, that leaves Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Dobrev) to live happily ever after — once Elena is awakened from a enchanting coma she was placed in during a finish of deteriorate six.

Nina Dobrev’s Return

As previously reported, Dobrev is behind for a final episode. “I’m anxious to move this uncover to an finish a approach we always dictated — with Nina behind to assistance us contend goodbye,” Plec said. Added executive writer Kevin Williamson: “I’m so vehement to have Nina behind to safeguard a farewell part is truly epic!”

Wesley told THR that it was usually wise to have Dobrev back. “It would be really bizarre to not have Nina come behind for a finale. The whole story is about dual brothers, radically … fighting over a girl. There’s a zillion other storylines, though we felt like it would have been a genuine contrition for a fans and for a uncover to not hang that adult to a degree.” 

More Returns

Ewell, obviously, will be back, along with Michael Malarkey as Enzo and Michael Trevino as Tyler (who were both killed progressing in deteriorate eight). Steven R. McQueen will also be back as Elena’s small brother, Jeremy, and David Anders teased that he’ll also lapse to reprise his purpose as Elena’s birth father, John, who was killed in deteriorate two.

“I consider it was really fitting,” Roerig pronounced of a returns. “We started a commander with them and, obviously, we picked [Malarkey up] along a way. It was good carrying Kayla come back, usually as a friend, though also to work with her again.”

A Major Death

There’s a outrageous genocide in a finale, and “t’s really a categorical character,” Wesley confirmed. While genocide can be fudged on a abnormal show, he was relieved that TVD will finish with something permanent. “You have to compensate it off,” he said. “Someone indispensable to die. If someone had not died, we would have been disappointed.”

A Satisfying Ending 

Ahead of a finale, there’s a one-hour retrospective looking behind during TVD‘s history, that means a final part is usually an hour long. But Somerhalder betrothed that there’s a lot packaged into that singular hour. “From a story standpoint, we was blown away. we thought, ‘Wow, they indeed summed it all adult into one 44-minute piece,'” he said. Added Wesley, “It’s satisfying.”

An Actual Ending

This is a final time viewers see a Vampire Diaries cast as their characters. “I’m shutting a chapter,” Wesley confirmed. Added Somerhalder, “In 10 years, I’m going to be vital substantially on a plantation in Wyoming and you’ll never hear from me again. It’s good to tighten this section … there’s something pleasing about closure.”

Besides, there’s usually so prolonged a twin could have plausibly played almighty teenagers. “It’d be humorous if we did a reboot. We’re all aged as shit! Gray hair. ‘Ah, Stefan!’ No that wouldn’t work. Stretching it as it is.”

The Vampire Diaries array culmination front Friday, Mar 10 during 9 p.m. on The CW. Stay tuned to THR‘s The Live Feed for some-more coverage before and after a show’s final episode.

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