‘The Vampire Diaries’ Boss Explains Finale Deaths, Callbacks and Scrapped Ending

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from The Vampire Diaries array finale, “I Was Feeling Epic.”]

After being scarcely broken large times via 8 seasons of The Vampire Diaries, a tiny city of Mystic Falls, Virginia was saved nonetheless again in a show’s array culmination — though not everybody finished it out alive.

The immorality Katherine (Nina Dobrev) returned to make certain Mystic Falls was engulfed in hellfire, though Bonnie (Kat Graham) devised a approach to destroy her once and for all — it only compulsory one of a Salvatores to scapegoat himself too. While Damon (Ian Somerhalder) stepped adult to a plate, Stefan (Paul Wesley) motionless that given his hermit had finally returned to his pre-evil vampire self, he would do it.

Bonnie, after summoning a strength of a Bennett witches, was also means to arise Elena from her slumber. Bonnie set out to transport a world, Elena and Damon got to live happily ever after together, Matt served as Mystic Falls Sheriff (and got a nifty bench, too), Caroline started a boarding propagandize for abnormal children with Alaric’s (Matt Davis) and Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) help, and in a final scene, a brothers reunited with a weeping hug.

Co-creator Julie Plec spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about a finale, including swap endings for some characters, a significance of callbacks to a pilot, and Dobrev’s large return.

The Original Ending

The devise wasn’t always to have Stefan scapegoat himself so his hermit could find happiness. Plec and co-creator Kevin Williamson initial came adult with an ideal culmination behind in deteriorate two. “There have been so many opposite versions of that in a mind,” Plec tells THR. “Back then, a uncover finished with both brothers failing and examination Elena go out and live her life as a tellurian and grow adult and be happy and have kids and get married. And all a sacrifices that they had finished so that she could be tellurian and protected finished it value it, and they could’ve left and upheld on into oblivion.”

Plec continues, “Then of march we combined a Other Side and afterwards Elena became a vampire and afterwards Nina left a show. Once Nina left a show, all a skeleton of how it would finish one day had to change given eventually it became reduction about ensuring Elena’s reserve and destiny and some-more about a relations between a brothers themselves and their possess trail to redemption. There was a representation on a list that was a unequivocally good representation where Damon didn’t make it to a end, and afterwards eventually a representation that finished it to a finish was, we think, a best one.”

Stefan’s Sacrifice

While Stefan’s imperishable life was tragically cut short, Plec says that he was still means to have suggestive life experiences. “For me, Stefan got to have life and happiness. He struggled with his — we’ll call it his obsession — his whole vampire life, though he had his best crony in Lexi, he had loyal adore in Elena, he had a emancipation of his brother, and afterwards he got to tumble in adore a second time and find a partner and a partner in Caroline. And while his genocide is positively comfortless for many reasons, there’s also a clarity of full round to his knowledge that he was a one that arrange of got them into this disaster and now he’s going to get them out of it.”

Damon’s Redemption

Damon, on a other hand, was “a whirlwind of chaos,” Plec says. “His final impulse of innocence, and we would even contend sweetness, was when he was still tellurian 160-some-odd years ago. And so for Stefan to be means to give his hermit that event to knowledge a elementary assent and complacency of bland life as a tellurian and with his lady and all a things that Stefan was means to have we consider is a biggest present of all.”

She continues, “Damon’s finished a lot of unequivocally crappy things in 8 years. He has not been a indication citizen. He has been extremely, intensely dysfunctional and intensely disruptive. While in no approach are we perplexing to contend a doctrine is that a bad child can be altered by a adore of a woman, in this box it’s loyal — and a adore of a brother. And so now Damon Salvatore gets to have a second possibility during humanity.”

Cutting Steroline Short

Stefan’s genocide was maybe many comfortless for Caroline, who had approximately one day of married tranquillity before he sacrificed himself to save Mystic Falls. But Plec says that eventually Caroline will be means to pierce on. “Stefan and Caroline found pleasing best crony partnership marital love, patrimonial love, and all we wish for as an adult that we wish out of a partner,” she says. “And that’s after Stefan had epic initial adore — tumble down a rabbit hole, drown in it, unpleasant adore — with Elena. So there’s no reason given Caroline can’t pierce brazen in her life and find a opposite kind of partner before her now almighty life is over. I’m not observant it’s going to be Klaus, though it positively leaves a doorway open for anybody.”

Bonnie’s Alternate Ending

After spending during slightest a decade of her life sacrificing herself for a larger good of Mystic Falls and her abnormal friends, Bonnie indispensable to have a happy ending. “She has warranted a right to be happy,” Plec says. “Bonnie indispensable to tarry and to grow adult and to live a prolonged life and to have all she ever wanted. There was a representation on a list during some indicate that maybe Bonnie and Matt Donovan would finish adult together and have children together. There was a representation on a list that maybe Bonnie takes a array of good French lovers and never has another genuine attribute again given Enzo is her one loyal adore and she’ll see him again in peace.”

Matt Donovan’s Survival

There was no doubt in Plec’s mind that token tellurian Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) would make it to a finish of a array alive. “That’s my personal battle,” she says. “I’ve argued with a dozen people over a years about a significance of Matt Donovan remaining alive in this universe. It seemed to me that as a token human, his survival, him going down fighting and being peaceful to scapegoat himself during any time along a approach in a name of a larger good of a city and afterwards to be left station in that city during a end, it’s a pleasing closure for him and so we unequivocally wanted to make certain that he lived to tell a tale.”

The Crow, The Cemetery, and Other Callbacks

Throughout a final hour, Plec and Williamson, who co-wrote a episode, sprinkled in references to a commander and other pivotal moments in a array — including a shot of Elena essay in her diary in a tomb with a crow. “The bluster was classical Kevin,” Plec says. After being tasked with essay that scene, “he came behind with that territory with that pleasing voiceover and a bluster and Damon entrance to accommodate Elena during a cemetery. And to me, it’s one of a many pleasing moments of a show. That is all him wanting to simulate behind on his favorite elements of a initial season.”

One of a many personal callbacks for Plec was including strain from a pilot. “I have, like, a Pavlovian response when we hear them. we only detonate into tears. One of that is a lapse of a Fray strain that finished a pilot. If we watch a [episode] with someone who was a fan in a initial integrate of seasons and maybe hasn’t watched it given then, there is so most for them to suffer about it and so many small sentimental shout-outs — not to discuss all a small Easter Eggs for a fans who know a uncover intimately.”

Family Reunion

The eighth deteriorate saw a lapse of several pivotal characters, and a final part brought behind a few some-more (including Sara Canning as Aunt Jenna and David Anders as Uncle John). That was critical to Plec personally, given a TVD organisation is close-knit, though also story-wise.

“This is a uncover that was borne out of detriment and grief. When we met Elena, she had mislaid her relatives and didn’t know if she could continue and didn’t know how she was going to make her approach by life underneath a weight of this loss. And when we finish a show, we’re culmination a uncover in assent — that we would go so distant as to contend is a Vampire Diaries chronicle of what sky means. These characters, some that were ripped divided from us unequivocally tragically, some that we weren’t certain what their ultimate finish would be, to be means to uncover them during assent with themselves and in a chronicle of their possess peace, however we wish to conclude it, was a ideal bookend to a grief and a detriment that launched a series.”

The Final Scene

The end, that sees Elena reunite with her relatives and Jenna and John, “To me, that’s assent and we can conclude it however we want,” Plec said. “You can conclude it as closure, we can conclude it as heaven, we can conclude it as some arrange of devout other world. Whatever it is that we wish to conclude it as, that is what assent means to me — that is that somehow we find yourself during assent given we have all we ever wanted.”

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