The Situation & New Wife Lauren Pesce Trying To Get Pregnant Before Prison!

Well, this is an interesting… occurrence. LOLz!

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is concurrently entering a happiest time and a hardest time of his life.

He just married his college sweetheart Lauren Pesce last week — but he’s ALSO staring down a tub of an 8 month bid in jail for taxation evasion.

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So how are they removing prepared for his imminent incarceration? They’re perplexing to get pregnant!

The Situation told Us Weekly over a weekend:

“We’ve been operative on it a past week, so we’ll see.”

Mike and Lauren any have 3 siblings and are organisation in their enterprise for a large family. She explained:

“We like disharmony and a busy, shrill home. we consider we would really wish during slightest three, though we have nothing right now, so that’s flattering ambitious.”

The Situation naturally pronounced he wants a child first.

If she does get knocked adult before he gets sealed up, the Jersey Shore star could indeed skip a birth of his initial child.

He’ll spend 8 months on a inside — usually about one and a half longer than his child would be on a inside — and he’s due to obey himself Jan 15, that is only over dual months away.

It’s also probable he could get out only in time for a birth after skipping a whole pregnancy. Do they do Lamaze classes in prison??

In any case, this down-to-the-wire tragedy sounds like good existence TV to us…

[Image via Mike Sorrentino/Instagram.]