The Secret Service Stops ANOTHER White House Fence Jumper!

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What a ruin is going on right now during a White House?!

Today, yet ANOTHER White House blockade jumper was stopped and picked up by a Secret Service, according to White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

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Apparently, a occurrence — that occurred out on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of a White House progressing this morning — happened when a male jumped a bike shelve in front of a fence, and was immediately grabbed by a Secret Service.

Spicer even tweeted to endorse it (below):


That’s light years of an alleviation from a final blockade jumper during a White House — in that case, last week, a male walked around on a drift for 17 minutes before he was apprehended by a Secret Service. And in that case, President Donald Trump was in a White House

Fortunately, in this case, Trump was down in Florida for a weekend.

No word on either any protocols will change with all these blockade jumpers, though only good to see that this one got held quickly.


[Image around ABC.]

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