The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7 Episode 12 Recap: The Uninvited

Kelly Dodd, is that you?

That was a large doubt on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7 Episode 12 when she underwent her breast rebate medicine and clearly got a celebrity transplant in a process. 

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For so long, we’ve watched Kelly be a one to induce all a play and make things officious worried for those who hatred her, so it’s fun to watch a new side to her as she navigates her life. 

After her surgery, Vicki seemed to let her know that a pain would get better. That’s since Vicki is radically an consultant in cosmetic medicine since she gets it so much. 

Shannon also showed up, though she was austere forgiving Kelly was a right thing to do since Vicki had shown no distress for her actions. 

Shannon Beador Smiles

We can get on house with that, though it would make clarity to bury a hatchet and stop behaving like a other does not exist. Kelly wanted to find out what was going with Shannon and Lydia. 

Without going into most detail, Shannon felt like everybody was arguing only for a consequence of arguing. Hell, that’s what we pointer adult for when your checks are entrance in from a Bravo existence TV cameras.

While that was going down, Tamra was trashing Shannon to Meghan. Oh, how a tables have turned. Tamra was insane that Shannon wanted to lift her into a fight. 

Tamra Judge in Culver City

Could Tamra finally cut Shannon off? If so, that one of them would spin BFFs with Vicki first? That’s one of a some-more engaging questions right now. 

Meghan also suggested that she was no longer insane about Kelly’s furious accusations, and wanted to let a whole thing stay in a past since she was finished arguing with people. 

Thankfully, a dual women managed to put their argument aside and changed on with their glitzy lives and betrothed never to quarrel again. Yeah, right. 

Kelly Dodd on Real Housewives of Orange County

Is it only us or do a ladies wish to chuck each bizarre celebration underneath a object this season? First, it was Kelly observant goodbye to partial of her breasts. 

Now, it’s Lydia throwing a celebration to contend goodbye to Doug’s genitals. Lydia invited each one of her friends, and everybody seemed blissful Vicki could not attend. 

Things took a moving spin during cooking when Meghan motionless to ask Peggy either she unequivocally had cancer since some things were only not adding up. 

Kelly chimed in observant that she was confused by a whole thing and felt like she indispensable to be clued in. Peggy pronounced a alloy found preinvasive cancer, and that her double mastectomy was preventative. 

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Things took an ungainly spin when Lydia called, and she was not invited out with them. But, she motionless to be a bigger chairman and invited them all to a celebration for her husband. You stay classy, Lydia. 

But, she incited to Doug and suggested that she was so insane about a whole thing and justly so.

The speak during cooking incited behind to Peggy’s cancer, though everybody chatted about it when she was divided from a table. Oh, and Vicki sent a content observant she was on her approach to a hospital. 

Peggy Sulahian on Date Night

Yes, there’s never a lifeless impulse with this bunch!

What did we consider of all a drama?

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