The Oscars Used A Picture Of A Living Producer During The In Memoriam Segment!

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You can’t censure this one on Warren Beatty.

Last night’s Oscars done the biggest mistake in endowment uncover history when La La Land won Best Picture for all of dual seconds before Moonlight was announced a tangible winner.

But that wasn’t a usually fumble a night!

An Australian film writer was featured in a show’s In Memoriam segment, notwithstanding a fact that she’s not indeed dead!

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A print of Jan Chapman (above), who is alive and well, was used in place of Janet Patterson, an Australian dress engineer who died in Oct 2016.

The four-time Academy Award hopeful was best famous for her work on films like Peter Pan and The Piano.

Viewers were discerning to notice a mistake, as Chapman is one of Australia’s best famous producers and still active in a industry.

Needless to say, Chapman — who worked on The Piano with a defunct Patterson — was not happy about a error, revelation Variety:

“I was ravaged by a use of my picture in place of my good crony and long-time co-operator Janet Patterson. we had urged her group to check any sketch that competence be used and know that they were told that a Academy had it covered. [It’s] really disappointing… we am alive and good and an active producer.”

The Academy has nonetheless to criticism on how this happened — though given a other predicament they need to worry about, it might be a while until they residence this one.

[Image around ABC/Twitter.]

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