The Latest Update On Ric Flair’s Health, Positive News But Still "A Bad Situation"

Source: F4WOnline

As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair stays in a sanatorium after undergoing medicine this week.

Sports Illustrated reported progressing this week that Flair had an abdominal blockage that resulted in a partial of his bowel being removed. Flair’s complicated celebration reportedly exacerbated his issues. The medicine led to other serve complications and Flair could be hospitalized for over a month.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Flair had an outmost pacemaker extrinsic to assistance his heart. His heart is now violence normally, that Meltzer remarkable “is a positive.” While things are looking improved than progressing this week, he’s on kidney dialysis and it’s still going to be severe for awhile.

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Meltzer combined that Flair still has an infection that hasn’t been disclosed. There have been issues giving him antibiotics since of Flair’s enervated condition, so it’s still “a bad situation.”

Meltzer also reliable that Flair never had a heart attack. The initial pain Flair was feeling was due to a deterrent in his bowel. Flair went to a sanatorium on Friday night and he underwent medicine to have a deterrent removed. Flair was in unequivocally bad figure on Saturday and Sunday and there was a genuine fear about what would occur with a medicine on Monday, though Flair pulled through.

“It’s not [smooth sailing], though it was a good pointer that he got by Monday,” Meltzer said.

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