The IT Sequel Just Got A Release Date, And You Aren’t Going To Be Happy About It

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Turn that scowl upside down, Pennywise! OK, maybe not. Cuz now you’re indeed unequivocally scaring us.

Ever given a opening weekend of It, fans have been wondering when they could design a sequel.

Not usually did a Stephen King instrumentation totally destroy during a box bureau (beating The Exorcist as a top grossing fear film of all time), it even finished with a difference Chapter One. So now we have to see a Losers’ Club lapse as adults for a second half of a story!

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On Monday, Warner Bros. finally announced a recover date of a subsequent section — Sep 6, 2019.

WHAT?? All a approach in 2019?? Why not strike while a iron is prohibited and get that fool out subsequent Halloween??

Oh well. We wish they use a additional time to make a film truly extraordinary — and even scarier!!!

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