The Hunger Games Prequels In The Works, Directors Discuss Possibility: Author Suzanne Collins Approves More Panem Stories?

The Hunger Games Prequels In The Works, Directors Discuss Possibility: Author Suzanne Collins Approves More Panem Stories?

Are The Hunger Games prequels happening? Lionsgate is pronounced to be watchful for a array author, Suzanne Collins’, capitulation for some-more films centering around a dystopian city of Panem and a Capitol. Once a studio has a immature light – some-more Hunger Games cinema will be grown and released.

Francis Lawrence, executive of 3 of a Hunger Games movies, confessed to EW that prequels for The Hunger Games are a possibility. Lawrence confessed his prophesy for a story would concentration on life before Katniss volunteered to be Tribute in place of her small sister, Primrose. “The engaging partial of a story for me is to go behind 75 years progressing and see how all became a approach it is.”

Michael Burns also teased a clever probability of some-more Hunger Games movies. The Lionsgate clamp authority hinted during films that would try a story of how a games came to be. “The one thing that kids contend they missed was there were no arenas. If we went backwards, there apparently would be arenas,” Burns suggested during a UBS Global Media and Communications Conference. The Hunger Games cinema competence not finish there either. Michael added, “The authorization will live on and on and on.”

So, what’s a reason adult if a studio and a directors are prepared to make some-more cinema from The Hunger Games? It appears that a predestine of new Hunger Game films rests with a Suzanne Collins. Franis Lawrence explained, “I’m certain if Suzanne were to get desirous and confirm there’s another story that’s critical for her to tell that exists within a universe of Panem and either about a Dark Days, another character, or another set of Games, whatever that could be, I’m certain it would be great. And I’d desired to be involved, absolutely.”

If Hunger Games fans are watchful for some-more from a universe of Katniss, it looks like it will be a prolonged time. Collins appears to be prepared to take a mangle from a array after arising a matter that started with a enterprise to leave a tale alone saying, “Having spent a final decade in Panem, it’s time to pierce on to other lands.”

What do we think? Should The Hunger Games prequels be made? Will Lionsgate wait for Suzanne Collins’ approval? Let us know your thoughts on some-more Hunger Games cinema being done in a criticism territory below.

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